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Here I will have some of my very strong opinions for your reading enjoyment.

Well what was supposed to be a page of all of my writing that I had done up to this point is now a page of not so much. Thanks to not being able to find the disc with all of my previous work, I am left with not so much. So while I try and finish up the basics to my website, I am pretty sure this will end up neglected to a degree. And I had a lot of stuff. That sucks.

My Heartfelt Valentines Day Overview

Ah the trials and tribulations of valentines day. See I have a very fuck you stance on this day as well. As I so beautifully put in some text messages sent out on the 14th, valentines day should just be called v-day. Yup, vagina day. Where all the ignorant mother fuckers who have girlfriends actually go out for one day a year and do something for their significant other. Why? To get the vagina silly. A day they know they will get some when they suffer through going out and getting something or doing something for their "loved" one. And it's the stupid braindead girlfriends who give up the vagina because they feel obligated seeing as their loser, good for nothing boyfriend got them somthing. So let's spread those legs.

When I had the "pleasure" of actually having someone special in my life it was stated very clearly beforehand that valentines day would not be celebrated by me. *shock* Now how could I do that and get away with it you ask? How could I be so unthoughtful you ask? Well listen up my braindead readers and I will tell you why. It's because my valentines day was the other 364 days of the year. Because I would not be "programmed". There was no need for it. I would do things ALL the time for my significant other. All the time. From dropping off flowers at her work before she got there, where it would take me 35 minutes there and 35 minutes back while I was on my 1 hour lunch. I would leave random balloons and chocolate or a card or a small bear on her car when she was at work. I would bring her out for dinner and then go home and hold her as we watched a movie. I would tell her I loved her in every which way I could each and every day because I knew somewhere in there, there was a good heart and I knew that she loved me. It was just a disappointment that she was crazy, but that's another story. The point is I would do everything from opening a car door each and every time the opportunity arose. I would show my affection with a simple holding of a hand, a warm embrace, or just holding her in my arms and letting her know how she made me feel alive and how she for that time gave me a purpose.

So for those out there that do none of those things, but make sure to "go all out" on v-day, then go to hell. And for those who accept that kind of treatment and that kind of "love", well then you too can go to hell. But that's just my humble opinion on the issue.

So what have we become as a people?

N ickle & dimers

O verweight

T houghtless

                                        H eartless

                                         I gnorant

                                        N asty

                                        G overnment

  • Journalism found!!!

    •      Found my old school newspapers and am rather elated by it. I wrote for the paper while I was a High School senior. And here is the Ect..., featuring only the great Keith Teasdale.
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  • My eyes

    • By: Keith Teasdale

    • I closed my eyes
               What did I see
    • Eyes of an angel
               Staring back at me
    • The breeze all around
               Flowing through her hair
    • Breathing in so deeply
               No worries, No care
    • The connection is strong
               From holding one hand
    • My body feels light
               I can barely stand
    • Never could I imagine
               Feeling so very alive
    • Making her so happy
               Is something to strive
    • For the emotions heal
               The mind keeps sane
    • Living is finally welcomed
               On this mortal plane
    • Loving is so easy
               Feeling so very right
    • Holding her so close
               Each and every night
    • Could it finally be
               It might so seem
    • Until there I awake
               Coming from my dream
    • I opened my eyes
               What did I see
    • The same empty room
               Staring back at me
    • Not wanting to move
               Knowing from the start
    • The pain is crippling
               From my broken heart